Established in 1997, Maverick is a multi-disciplinary firm offering architectural, interior architecture, and strategic visioning services to a wide variety of clients nationwide. Maverick  is dedicated to well-conceived master planning, quality architecture, and a satisfied client. 

As such, the firm has carefully assembled an experienced staff that represents a strong degree of technical ability and professional dedication for a full-service practice that provides award-winning architecture and interior architecture. 

Maverick  believes in working collaboratively in order to reach a deep understanding of clients’ desires and expectations. Forging strong affiliations embraces everyone as a member of the design team, allowing all to share ownership of the final results.

From design, beyond design
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Latest contract: GLOBAL KINGWAYProject location: GUANGZHOU MEDIA CENTREDate of contract: August 2019Click for More
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Latest contract: NespressoProject location: Third floor, Hejing financial center, No. 8, Huaxia Road, Tianhe District, GuangzhouDate of contract: October 2019
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Latest contract: SKYFUNProject location: Poly Zhongyue, Haizhu District, GuangzhouDate of contract: August 2019Company profile: Founded in 2017, it is a game company focused on overseas mobile game distribution.
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Latest contract: BaiooeduProject location: Utopia, West Gaozhi Building, Huangpu Avenue, GuangzhouDate of contract: May 2019Company profile: The preschool education center aims to provide international professional nursery services through international advanced early childhood education courses.
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Latest contract:Pernod Ricard ChinaProject location:Jianshang Building, Hongbei Road, Dongguan CityDate of contract:May 2019Company profile:Pernod Ricard is one of the world's three major liquor and wine groups, is a world's top foreign wine producer and distributor of Cornerstone Capital are from top investment banks at home and abroad, involving a lot of resources to invest in domestic and overseas capital markets for more than 20 years. The leading listed financing, mergers and acquisitions and other projects are about 150 cases. Among them, there are more than 50 companies listed on the st...
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Latest contract:Cornerstone Capital(Beijing)Project location:49th Floor, Zhou Dafu Financial Center, Pearl River New Town, Tianhe District, GuangzhouDate of contract:October 2018Company profile:Cornerstone Capital focuses on value investing in global emerging economies areas. The investment phase spans the early, middle and late stages. And the invested industry covers TMT, biomedicine, energy conservation, environmental protection and so on. The core members of Cornerstone Capital are from top investment banks at home and abroad, involving a lot of resources to invest in domestic and overseas...
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Latest contract:SyngentaProject location:23rd Floor, Yian Square, Yuexiu District, GuangzhouDate of contract:September 2018Company profile:On November 13, 2000, AstraZeneca Agricultural and Chemical Company and Novartis's crop protection and seed business separated from the original company and merged into Syngenta, the most powerful enterprise in the world, which specializes in agricultural science and technology.The new company was listed on stock exchanges in Switzerland, London, New York and Stockholm. Syngenta is committed to providing more excellent, safe and environmentally friendly inn...
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Latest contract:ZORUN PHARMACEUTICALProject location:4th and 5th Floors of 89 Gaopu Road, Gaotang Science and Technology Industrial Park, Tianhe District, GuangzhouDate of contract:October 2018Company profile:Founded in 1993, headquartered in Guangzhou Tianhe Gaotang Science and Technology Industrial Park, it is a Sino-foreign joint venture high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and marketing of bio-medicine. It is the industry leader in the development and production of drugs from natural sources.
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