The Problem of Intelligent Household Appliances

Date: 2018-11-22
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esk lamp makes the operation more complicated. Sweeping robot needs human assistance. Intelligent speaker often chooses wrong songs. Some intelligent household appliances appear 'mental retardation' from time to time.

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, intelligent household appliances are becoming more and more popular. However, a survey by a reporter from the Workers'Daily found that some intelligent products did not bring convenience to people when they were used.

Intelligent household appliances are becoming more and more popular, and the state of 'mental retardation' appears from time to time.

Before May Day, Ms. Qin, who lives in Changping District of Beijing, bought an intelligent desk lamp. This desk lamp has four different lighting eye protection modes: daytime, night, reading and children. It can be connected to the mobile phone smart home APP to operate.

'It took a few days to think about it after I bought it. What's the difference between this and the four buttons on the ordinary desk lamp? Hands can solve the problem, I have to take out the phone to open the APP, click on the function page operation to adjust. Intelligent desk lamps do not make life simpler, but more complex.'

Reporters found that at present, many smart appliances only have more interconnections with smart phones, users can control the machine and understand the state of the machine through mobile devices, and the operation is not simplified.

In addition to smart desk lamps, floor-sweeping robots are also very popular.  According to the product introduction, the floor sweeping robot can automatically clean the room. Users set a good period of time, the robot can automatically clean, no electricity can also charge itself, so it is more popular. But many users complain that the sweeping robot sometimes has a 'mental retardation' state.

Users say that in the process of using, the sweeping robot is easy to touch furniture or walls, and the corners are not cleaned properly, so it needs to be cleaned by hand.  Robots will not bypass obstacles and need human assistance. In addition, the robot cleaning takes a long time, takes about an hour, and the operation noise is relatively large.

Mr. Jiang, who lives in Haidian District, Beijing, said that when using the sweeping robot, it takes a lot of energy to worry about appointment sweeping, automatic charging, collision avoidance, drop avoidance and other aspects. After using it several times, Mr. Jiang has put the sweeping robot aside.

智能家电逐渐走俏, “智障”状态不时出现

Intelligent speaker is also one of the popular smart appliances. Zhu Hui, a graduate student in Beijing, said that it's difficult to play your favorite song because of the fact that voiceprint intelligent songs are often misselected or can't be displayed at all.

In this regard, some insiders believe that at present, some domestic enterprises are promoting the concept of intelligent appliances, which seems to be very advanced, but in fact, the functions are cumbersome, the procedures are cumbersome, and easy to appear problems.

It is worth mentioning that the safety problems caused by using intelligent household appliances can not be ignored. As more and more smart home devices enter the home, some security vulnerabilities often appear. According to reports, some criminals invade and control smart home appliances cameras by cracking software or IP addresses, and turn the lens to private places such as bedrooms or bathrooms to spy on users'personal privacy. The cracked camera displays the real-time picture of the room, and can also record and monitor.

Industry insiders believe that because artificial intelligence technology can liberate human labor and improve work and life efficiency, intelligent household appliances is undoubtedly the trend of development of household appliances. There is no denying that some intelligent products bring us convenience. However, as a whole, intelligent products are still in the initial stage of development, and there is no ideal mode of automatic adjustment according to user needs, and 'intellectual retardation' appears from time to time when they are used.

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