Do you know the potential dangers of these furniture?

Date: 2018-11-22
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Home is the place where we stay for the longest time every day, and also the space where we get close with our family. So when decorating a new home, we are always cautious and careful. We should not only choose building materials repeatedly, but also examine furniture carefully. But sometimes furniture implies hidden dangers that we have not noticed. Today, we teach you how to avoid the potential dangers of furniture.

Common problems of furniture:

1. Newly purchased furniture always has a pungent odor.

Owners are buying furniture, especially woodwork furniture, pay attention to the composition of the furniture board, see whether it is solid wood or board furniture, if found that furniture has a strong odor, it is recommended not to buy. In the industry, the better environmental protection grade is F4 star and E0 grade plate respectively. The average formaldehyde emission limit of F4 star can not exceed 0.3 mg/L, while the average formaldehyde emission limit of E0 grade can not exceed 0.5 mg/L.

2. Deformation phenomena such as loosening and glue opening appear soon after furniture is used.

The connection of furniture is tenon-mortise structure. If the furniture manufacturer's technology is not up to standard, there will be some phenomena such as incompact connection of furniture and improper fixing of metal parts. Long-term use will leave hidden dangers to the home environment.

3. Cracks and moths appeared in the joints of furniture

Good wood paint can wrap and protect furniture well, and make furniture lasting and bright, but poor quality paint will not only emit strong odor, but also lead to furniture deformation caused by improper protection, such as cracking and moth.


二、 如何规避家具的潜在隐患?

How to avoid the potential hazards of furniture?

1. Buying furniture is better than planting trees or boards.

Generally speaking, log furniture and solid wood furniture will be more environmentally friendly than plank furniture, but the performance of log furniture is not as stable as wood furniture. In addition, wood hardness, humidity and other factors will affect the life of furniture. In wood, the hardness of basswood, African light wood, white walnut, boxwood and other tree species is poor. Weifang Mag tells you that the main materials of Mag's house customization are red oak, white wax, poplar, cherry and other tree species imported from the United States, which have better hardness and stability.

2. Furniture appearance and wood grain are also important.

When purchasing furniture, if it is solid wood furniture, it can detect moisture content, wood grain clarity, surface smoothness, odor abnormality, etc. If it is plate furniture, it is necessary to check whether the edge is rigorous, whether the hardware is loose, whether the veneer texture is consistent, etc. If you want to paint furniture, Weifang Mag suggests that you also check whether the paint is smooth, no wrinkles and other phenomena.


3. Testing the stability of furniture

When choosing furniture, we should test the load-bearing and stability of furniture. Consumers should experience it first-hand, shake or drag chairs to see if the mortise connection position is loose and whether there is obvious noise. If the furniture is fixed only with small screws or glue, Weifang Mag advises you not to buy it.

4. Inspection of Wood Paint on Furniture Surface

Wood paint can better protect furniture, but inferior wood paint or containing a large number of harmful substances such as free formaldehyde, generally speaking, paint hardness is higher, fullness is better, but water-based paint is more environmentally friendly. Note that when choosing furniture, there is a strong taste, it is recommended not to buy.

In order to reduce the potential safety hazards of furniture, we should not only choose carefully when buying, but also pay attention to the daily maintenance, reminding everyone: if furniture should be cleaned regularly with dry cloth; do not put furniture in too humid environment to avoid damp and mildew; and do not put furniture in the sun or bake by the fire, otherwise wood is liable to crack and paint is liable to peeling and falling.

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