What should we do about the budget of old house decoration?

Date: 2018-11-22
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The selling price of the old house is generally lower than that of the new one, but the renovation project is not simple at all. What is the necessary project to inject new life into the old house? How should the budget be calculated?

There are many reasons for the renovation of the old house. The common reason is that the design of the old house in the past is not what modern people like anymore. The old house is decorated into a modern style which they like. There are also many people through renovation, to improve the pattern of the house, improve the old house may exist lighting, ventilation and other issues.

Another reason people have to renovate is that the old house itself has problems, such as wall peeling, old pipelines, leakage and so on.


What are the main projects in the renovation of old houses?

1. Demolition and New Construction

When facing the pattern problem, it will involve the demolition and reconstruction of the wall. The demolition of floors, floor tiles or wall tiles in every space of a house usually accounts for a large part of the total expenditure. The projects it contains include the demolition of floors, the demolition of old tiles, the treatment of walls, floors, the collage of floor tiles and wall tiles, and so on.

For example, the bathroom often needs to be re-waterproof, or need to change the balcony into a living balcony to place washing machines, etc., the balcony also needs to be waterproof.

2. Hydropower Engineering

Hydropower projects will also occupy a large part of the renovation budget, referring to water pipes, wiring and other related rectification. Generally, companies would recommend that if the house has been more than 20 years, water, electricity and other lines should all be replaced. In addition, the old wires may not meet the needs of modern electrical appliances, resulting in excessive charge, it is easy to cause fire!

3. Wooden Engineering

Work related to woodworking, such as custom-made cabinets, ceiling and wooden doors, etc. Before doing woodworking, we need to know the price and characteristics of wood on the market, and we need to know the maintenance period of the builder, etc.

4. doors and windows

Most of the problems in old houses are that the cracks in the windows will seep in, and the air tightness, water tightness and theft-proof of of the windows will be seriously degraded. Therefore, replacing the windows of the old house with more durable ones is one of the indispensable projects.

How to budget for renovation of old houses?

The design of the new house pattern generally conforms to the law of modern people's life. It does not involve demolition. It will save a part of the renovation of the old house. The budget of the new house decoration is 1500-3000 per square meter or higher. Because the old houses need more projects to change the structure or pattern, and more projects to demolish, it will be more complex than the new house decoration, and the budget will be 30% - 50% higher.

Sometimes there may be unexpected problems before the decoration, which will cause additional items, thus increasing the additional cost. Therefore, it is suggested that we should prepare more surplus funds, which has been needed from time to time.

Some of the things that are still available can be left behind to ease budget pressures. You can also renovate old furniture, reduce the budget of furniture, or you can remove wallpaper, paint latex paint and so on, you can do it by yourself, you will have a lot of money left.~

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