Office Partition Design

Date: 2019-02-27
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For office workers, office is the main space for our daily work and life. A good working environment can make our body and mind happy, make our work more efficient, and also play a key role. Today I'm going to learn a little about office partition design.

Common office partition decoration materials


1. Gypsum board partition wall

Gypsum board partition wall is made of light steel keel, both sides of which are sealed with gypsum board. If sound insulation effect is good, sound insulation cotton can be added, and windows can be added. Both sides need batch of gray paint.

Advantages: The partition wall has fast speed and good sound insulation effect. The cost is low.

Disadvantage: It can't transmit light, because it's the cover of gypsum board, it's easy to be damaged by knocking, and its moisture resistance is not strong.

Usage: Usually used in some relatively transparent office space, large office space, office decoration space with low budget cost.

2. Light Brick Wall

The light brick partition is built with cement foam brick and cement, and cement and paint on both sides can be added to the windows. Such partitions are common in office decoration.

Advantages: sound insulation effect is good, relatively strong. It has strong moisture resistance and moderate cost.

Disadvantage: Not transparent, long time.

Usage: mostly used in large-area partition works, or relatively humid office, industrial plant.


3. Glass partition wall

Glass partition wall is partitioned by transparent or frosted glass. The general practice is to wrap up and down the frame, and install the glass on the frame, which is beautiful and clean.

Advantages: Good light transmission effect. strong

Disadvantage: High cost.

Usage: Used in small office space, office space with poor lighting.

Three Elements for Attention in the Design of Office Separation

1. Public Space

In the design elements of office partition wall, the second is public space. In many offices, there is a pitiful lack of common parts. Almost as soon as they come in, they say lobbies and offices. There is no conversion process between them. It's boring and boring for a long time. A good design needs spatial transformation and transition. It's not about aisles and corridors. The environment of the whole office is going to have a good effect. There needs to be a transformation between public space and private space. A partition wall between public space and private space can make a good spatial transformation. Transparent glass is usually used. Or ground glass.

2. Colour Matching

Colour matching is very important in office partition. Skillful collocation, so that the whole body will become relaxed, the office partition strives to jump, small harmony principle. Big jump refers to the change of color between offices. For example, you have three offices, three rooms can choose a completely different theme, but each room's doors, windows, tables, chairs and floors, even the open office file cabinet and trivial office supplies to maintain their overall harmony, is the principle of small harmony. In this way, despite your limited range of work activities, you will feel refreshed everywhere.

Office partition is favored by more and more people. It can create a more comfortable office environment for everyone and improve their work efficiency.

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