Summary of materials to be purchased for hydropower renovation

Date: 2019-02-27
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Many materials need to be purchased in the stage of hydropower transformation. It is mainly divided into the following two aspects:

I. Materials to be purchased for electricity:

1. Distribution box: There are strong and weak electric distribution boxes. The distribution box includes a leakage protector and an air switch.

2. Distribution box selection criteria: the box body should be intact, not less than 0.8 thickness, full paint without falling off, no rust condition.

Summary of materials to be purchased for hydropower renovation

3. Wire: Weak wires for home decoration include network wires, telephone wires, coaxial lines, audio wires, etc. There are 2.5 square tubes, generally used in lighting, ordinary sockets. Four square lines are used on air conditioning lines and in the kitchen (because there are more appliances in the kitchen). There are also sheath wires (the kind with insulating skin outside the two wires): generally used in the top line, because the top can not slot.

4. Wire selection criteria: A wire head can be bent repeatedly by hand. The soft handle, no cracking and whitening, copper core is copper and lustrous.

5. There are other accessories (such as conductor tube, dark box, pipe hoop, elbow spring, joint lock, 90 degree elbow, etc.) brand 2.5 square flame-retardant hard wires: 1-3 rolls (according to the size and shape of the household, it is better to separate the fire from zero); the network cable is dry (according to the size and shape of the household), 40-50 pipes; 1 small bottle of PVC glue. Five-hole and nine-hole or 12-hole bottom boxes (field measurement according to size and shape); yellow wax tubes; electrical black tape 1-2 rolls, waterproof tape 3 rolls; plaster powder 5-10 kg.

2. Water-related materials to be purchased:

1. Water:


Brand PPR materials: diameter 2.0; hot water for all water pipes, about 5-7 kitchens, about 7-9 kitchens, 8-10 inner wire elbows, 3-5 tees, 15-20 equal-diameter elbows, 3-5 equal-diameter tees, 2-5 pipes, if necessary, 2.5 to 2.0 straight (bend) diameter 1-2 pipes, 10-13 metal plugs, 2 temporary taps, 1 roll of raw materials;

Summary of materials to be purchased for hydropower renovation

(1) PPR pipe: non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, hot-melt seamless connection. PPR pipes with smooth appearance, complete markings, anti-counterfeiting markings and no impurities in incisions should be purchased. Good toughness of water pipe will not crack, water pipe surface spray code hand buckle will not come off. There are two kinds, one is rigid pipe, the other is hose (PVC flame retardant pipe). Hose is usually used on the ceiling, most decoration companies no longer use hose, because it can not be pulled back and forth. As for PVC hard pipe, there are also three kinds (heavy, medium and light). Heavy pipe is usually used in cast-in-place concrete, because it needs vibration bar and other tools. Heavy pipe can withstand pressure. In terms of home decoration wiring, light pipes generally meet the requirements.

Quality Requirements: Hard PVC pipe can not be too soft, when acceptance, pinch it by hand to see if it can be pinched flat, pinched flat pipe on the ground when walking, it is easy to be trampled flat. Material for circuit transformation: wire, pipe, screw connection, direct, coil spring, distributor box, bottom box, electrical adhesive tape, etc.

(2) There are other accessories (such as water pipe bends, joints, plugs, valves, rubber sheets, elbows, bridge bends, etc.).

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