Teach you how to choose latex paint, wallpaper and diatom mud correctly.

Date: 2019-02-27
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Wall decoration can be divided into two parts: basic decoration and surface decoration. (Usually what we call latex paint belongs to the surface decoration part.) Guangzhou is relatively humid. Want to know what kind of paint the wet wall is usually painted on the new house? Do you need to brush the latex paint again to prevent dampness? How about the anti-moisture effect of latex paint? How to decorate the walls of the house, especially the bathroom?

1. Latex paint

Teach you how to choose latex paint, wallpaper and diatom mud correctly!

After 2000, latex paint was accepted by consumers, or a breakthrough in mass advertising after 2000. But until 2007 (10 years ago), most parts of the country (including first-tier cities) painted only with topcoat and no primer. The reason is simple, labor saving and money saving. Really universal primer painting, as if it has not been done so far, many third-tier cities are still only painting, because it is necessary to brush a white, there is enough topcoat! 

Imported paint is not necessarily good

Since latex paint was imported to China, then localized production, and the rise of many local latex paint brands, in fact, Chinese paint has been different from foreign paint. Overseas grass-roots is generally made of cement or gypsum relatively rough, dark leveling, so the paint is very thick, after brushing the coating is thicker; but China because the original grass-roots batch of ash or putty is to replace the existence of latex paint, so the wall before brushing is very delicate and white, whether the need for such a thick paint is questionable.

The so-called imported paint, in fact, is not necessarily good or suitable for you.

The paint quality of the new house is not necessarily good.

When you buy a new house, developers usually don't paint it. If you paint it, it must be ordinary paint. A good paint brush may be more useful for keeping moisture out of the air, but not for the water vapor inside the wall. And it can be sure that the grass-roots decoration developers must not do well, can not isolate moisture in the wall, no matter how good the paint outside is useless.

Is painting really damp-proof?

If you want to 'moistureproof', especially by the bathroom wall, through the surface painting can not be achieved, we can generally through the following two means.

1. Waterproof wall in toilet

The simplest way is to brush the waterproof again on the basis of the waterproof of the developer. Or if you are willing to toss about, you can test whether the waterproofing of developers can pass the 72-hour closed water experiment, if it passes, you will not do it again, if it fails, you can choose to do it or find developers or property rights.

2. External walls ensure good water resistance

Do the grass-roots water resistance experiment, if water resistance is good, then you are very lucky to earn; if water resistance is not good, shovel out the re-made water resistance good grass-roots materials.

Note: In the basic water resistance experiment, the wall surface is wetted with water to see if it can be rubbed into mud. If the latex paint is wetted and dried, paste it with transparent glue to see if you can bring down the wallpaper. __________

Although latex paint is not so bad, at least now it still maintains a huge market share of more than 50%. I hope you can be more rational when you choose latex paint.

2. Wallpaper (Wallpaper)

Teach you how to choose latex paint, wallpaper and diatom mud correctly!

Wallpaper has undergone tremendous changes in recent 10 years. Wallpaper is the absolute main force in every major building materials exhibition every year. Various materials, styles and brands emerge in endlessly. In fact, in the 1990s, some high-end home decoration has begun to use old-fashioned wallpaper. Most of them are the concave and convex texture with floating points on the surface, which will turn yellow like newspapers over a long time, but compared with the abrupt white wall, they are still very high-grade. In the first 10 years of latex paint, wallpaper was suppressed, but since 2008 or so, new wallpapers have sprung up rapidly and quickly occupied a large market share.

3. Diatom Mud


First of all, I would like to talk about the advantages of several diatom muds.——

If the wall is diatom mud, it can directly spray water on the wall, through the respiration of diatom mud, improve the air humidity of the whole room. Suitable for drying indoor air after heating in winter in North China.

Although the walls of diatom mud are uneven, they do not absorb dust quietly. In many places, there is haze. Even if the glass is dirty, diatom mud walls will not be dirty and easy to clean.

Old and second-hand houses are renovated and can be accommodated in a maximum of 1 day. Not all diatom mud can do it, but it does.

To produce artistic effects and silhouette or painted effects, it looks much more upscale than wall pasting.

The air humidity is high, the room made of diatom mud will feel refreshing than the room did not do, because the humidity is low. Suitable for rainy season in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Mei, sauna days in the north, and wet climate along the coast.

Choose diatom mud to prevent mildew, and diatom mud with strong moisture absorption ability will not appear clear water on the wall, so as to avoid mildew from the source.

Diatom mud can reduce sound echo and restrain noise pollution by spraying concave and convex texture. At the same time, it has better sound insulation than cement.

Diatom mud purifies air and formaldehyde. But it is not recommended as the main or ultimate means of removing pollution in the home.

Diatom mud background wall, style choice more room, more tonal, enhance the appearance of the living room.

Disadvantage of Diatom Mud

General merchants will not mention and summarize the disadvantages or disadvantages of diatom mud, here to give you some examples.

_New products have low popularity, and advertisements exaggerate, for example, formaldehyde purification capacity. It is certain that the formaldehyde removal rate of diatom mud (including short-term and long-term) has been written into the national standard.

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