• Budgeter
    release time: 2018-11-26

    1. College degree or above, major in engineering budget and final accounts, engineering cost, interior decoration or other related fields;

    2. More than 2 years of relevant work experience, conscientious and responsible, with strong adaptability;

    3. Familiar with list items, hedging, able to independently complete project budget and settlement;

    4. Familiar with the whole process of cost management of decoration project, including pre-estimation, construction drawing budget preparation, mid-term engineering change audit, design change evaluation, payment audit, post-completion settlement preparation and audit, and post-data collation.

    5. Proficient in office software, able to use Auto-CAD software for basic mapping;

    6. Familiar with the process of decoration engineering construction projects, master the current material price changes and engineering cost trends;

  • Marketing Consultant
    release time: 2018-11-26

    1. College degree or above, major in marketing is preferred;

    2. Those who have no experience are preferred. Those who have more than one year experience and outstanding performance in sales industry are preferred, while those who work in real estate industry and related architectural design industry are preferred.

    3. Extrovert personality, quick reaction, strong expressive ability, strong communication skills and affinity;

    4. Have a certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service awareness;

    5. Under the leadership and supervision of superiors, they regularly fulfill the quantified work requirements and can handle and solve the tasks independently.

    5. Be responsible and dare to challenge high salary.

  • Project manager
    release time: 2018-11-26

    1. College degree or above. Architecture and civil engineering related majors are preferred.

    2. More than 3 years relevant working experience;

    3. Strong communication and organizational and coordination skills, able to coordinate all related work reasonably and effectively, work rigorously, conscientiously and carefully, and have a certain computer operation ability;

    4. Check the rationality of construction drawings and design drawings and show guidelines.

    5. Responsible for project management, progress management, quality control, standardization of construction, risk management, project acceptance and other work, to give the expected design results, construction difficulties, safety, technology, etc. Responsible for the completion of materials, construction logs, process changes and other collation, preparation and implementation;

    6. Organize and implement other related work of the project, analyze major problems of the project and propose solutions.

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