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In order to solve customers'concerns about the quality problems in the later stage of decoration, Maverick has established a perfect service system. Established a professional service team, equipped with a modern and perfect network office system, and equipped with professional customer service personnel, whether through the online service center or the company 24-hour customer service telephone, can quickly respond to the problems reflected by customers and solve them in time.* Urban Emergency Response within 4 Hours (Access Control and Switch-off within 2 Hours)* Customer Manager will actively contact customers quarterly for return visits* Obtain customer evaluation after completion of warranty work* Extension of warranty services and facilities management services can be arranged af...
1.Decoration Consulting, Demand AnalysisCall 24-hour service hotline: 400-600-8200, Maverick professional customer service staff to understand your needs, questions, and give professional answers.2. Door-to-door negotiation and proposalMaverick Customer Service will arrange the most suitable project director and designer to come to the site for measurement and listen carefully to your needs in order to produce the best plan.3. Signing Contracts and Deepening ProgramsAfter the scheme is confirmed, the project agreement or design contract shall be signed and the corresponding design bona fide money shall be paid. Deepen the plan and sign a formal decoration (design) contract after confirmation.4. Project Construction and Project ManagementMaverick Engineer and Designer will go through the en...
Maverick fully applies more than ten years of management experience to each project management, in order to provide customers with a perfect space.Guarantee Quality: According to the national standard, strictly use materials, and eliminate all jerry-building.Guarantee Quality: define every project strictly according to material standard, process standard and quality standard.Guarantee Punctuality: Through the time limit supervision system and node management mechanism, ensure that the project is delivered to customers on time for use.
Brand Design:Through MIS, VIS and SIS , the brand value of start-ups can be improved in an all-round way.Enterprise Location:According to the specific standard requirements of customers, the feasibility analysis of professional design system is used to assist customers in selecting suitable space sites.Design and Construction: With the qualification of integration of design and construction, space design and construction are the main business of Maverick.Furniture Software: We can purchase related soft lighting, furniture and other materials according to customers'budget requirements, so as to make all-round matching meet the design requirements.Environmental Purification: With the international environmental protection certification of LEED and BREEAM, besides providing complete air p...
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