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Date: 2018-12-18
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Most of the walls in the office are spotless white. Looking at these white walls every day, do you think they are single and boring? Proper decoration on the wall can not only increase the fashion and beauty of the office, but also create a warm office atmosphere.

The first step of office wall decoration: color


The choice of office wall color has many limitations. For example, when we choose the color, we should choose the decoration wall color according to the company's corporate culture, as well as the number of employees, the size of the company and the different areas of the company.

If the company's corporate culture is biased towards scientific and technological research and development, then some walls of the company's office can choose white tone, because such simple and stable tone can highlight people's awareness of the enterprise and the nature of work.

Colour also depends on the office staff to choose, if the number of people is relatively small, and the office area is not very large, then in the choice of decoration, you can choose some goose yellow for decoration. Such wall color selection can make the space look bright, and will not appear very cold.

Office Wall Decoration Step 2: Material Use

From the functional and practical aspect, the wall can choose to install writing board, but the best choice is glass material. Office wall decoration can use wallpaper or latex paint and so on.

The choice of wallpaper is not very suitable in the staff office area, because there are more staff in the staff office area, the wall decoration area is larger, the implementation is more troublesome, but also a waste of money. But wallpaper decoration can be used in the conference hall, or the manager's office, such a small wall area and space style is relatively high-end, suitable for the use of wallpaper decoration.

In the manager's office, a large area of wallpaper paste was used. The smooth wallpaper glistened with white light. The whole office looked brighter and more serious.

Office Wall Decoration Step 3: Style

Office wall decoration style and color selection is the same, it needs to be based on the overall layout of the space, or the location of the space for decoration. If we want to create a sense of quietness and atmosphere, then in the wall decoration, choose the appropriate color decoration, and then co-match with furniture, to create an atmosphere, high-end space.


Such as the wall decoration style of Huijin Guarantee Company in the picture above, beautiful in calm, smooth structure lines, natural texture and color material, in line with the natural and healthy concept pursued by modern financial enterprises. New Chinese style decoration style combines modern and classical elements, using white to create a clean and relaxed environment, borrowing furniture calm, noble and atmospheric embellishment financial company decoration style brought about by the connotation.

Office walls choose to install some grid cabinets and whitewash paint, so as to maintain the basic tone of the space, but also to reach agreement with the space use function.

Office wall decoration is not only the traditional 'white uniform', rich wall decoration can also bring invisible appreciation to enterprises. If you remember the 'three steps of office wall decoration' mentioned in the article, then office wall decoration is not a problem.

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