Office lighting design

Date: 2019-02-27
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As a place where employees engage in mental work, adequate and qualified lighting can not only increase the beauty of harmony in the office, but also stimulate the imagination of employees, so as to better serve the work. As a small part of decorating smallpox, lamps and lanterns bring a lighting effect, but also a work of art. In office decoration, how to choose lamps is also skillful.

1. Lighting selection in office areas should meet the requirements of use

As the most widely used place in the company, office area covers all the departments in the company. It should satisfy the principle of comfort and uniformity in lighting requirements. According to the light projection, the lamp selection in the office can be divided into three categories: direct lighting, indirect lighting and semi-indirect lighting. Generally, the large-bay office usually chooses direct lighting grid lamp and LED grid lamp panel. High-color temperature light source can improve work efficiency, and the overall has a more three-dimensional sense, giving people a comfortable feeling. At the same time, tube lamp and soft film ceiling lamp are also important objects for the selection of office lamps.

Office lighting design

2. The light in corridor plays the role of supplementary light source

Usually, corridor lamps do not need to be much, nor need to be very bright, as long as the basic requirements can be met. According to the structure and height of smallpox, the corridor lamps generally choose hidden lighting, LED tube lighting and LED grid lighting.

3. The choice of lamps and lanterns in conference rooms should have its own characteristics

The conference room is the place where employees meet or participate in collective activities. It also takes into account the important task of entertaining foreign customers. It is also a place to show their strength to foreign customers. The lighting of the conference room should not only meet the random switching of different requirements in use, but also show the overall strength of the company. Therefore, there are many choice of lamps and lanterns in conference rooms, and they should be well matched to avoid inappropriate shadows and shadows. Usually choose the lamp disc, spotlight and LED waiting as the choice of conference room lighting.

4. The choice of lamps and lanterns at the front desk should be distinguished between primary and secondary.

Front desk is the gateway for customers to understand the company. Usually, designers will use the lighting effect to highlight the company's LOGO and business license, corporate culture and other important information. LED tube lamp and spotlight are undoubtedly the best choice. How can the rotating spotlight add a lot of artistic flavor to the overall atmosphere to meet people's visual requirements?

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