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Date: 2019-02-27
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A company that has a good front desk is in the middle. The front desk is the front of the company. It reflects the image of the company. The first impression of customers and business partners starts from the front desk. The overall style of the office can also be seen from the front desk, so the decoration of the front desk must not be dealt with rashly. The design style of the front desk also has many kinds.

I. Modern Simplicity Style

Smooth shape, a large number of lines, through the use of light and shadow effect in a smaller space to create changes, between lines and light and shadow changes to find the impact on the soul. It applies to almost all companies.


2. Practical and concise style

Simple design style is the most familiar and common, simple decoration and decoration, emphasizing practicability and personality, single color, no too much decoration, pay attention to practical simplicity.

3. Steady and concise style

Less choice of large color difference, more conservative shape, sophisticated selection of materials, emphasizing noble and stable temperament, the purpose is to let customers and business partners to build confidence, suitable for old-brand large companies or traditional industries.

Create the first scenic spot of Gaoda Shang Company, starting from the front desk! ___________

4. Creative Art Style

A large number of geometric patterns and new decoration materials are used as design elements, the brightness contrast is strong, regardless of style. It has strong visual impact and uniqueness in shape. Generally applicable to emerging companies that pursue personality.

Whatever design style you choose for the front desk, you have to consider it comprehensively. You can't be incompatible with the overall style of the office. You can't simply start with attraction or simplicity. Instead, you need to seek a harmonious beauty of the whole.

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