Office Geomancy Layout

Date: 2018-12-18
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How office feng shui works is a matter of great concern to all bosses. The office geomancy layout pays attention to this. Whether inside or outside the office, as long as the office geomancy layout is arranged according to the office geomancy layout, the bad geomancy can be transformed into good geomancy. Next, look at what good geomancy there are inside and outside the office.

In front of the office is its Mingtang location, which belongs to the departure. The good or bad situation here represents the good or bad career. If the position of Mingtang is narrow and blocked, it symbolizes that the development of the enterprise is blocked, the future is uncertain, and the road of development is bumpy. On the contrary, the position of Mingtang is broad and bright, which means that the enterprise has broad prospects and full of hope.

Since the front is the Mingtang, there can be no trees, poles, sharp corners and so on. These things are evil for enterprises. They are typical bad geomantic omen. When choosing the address of enterprises, try to avoid them. If there are these outside the office, leaders and executives are prone to trouble, illness, unstable personnel, it is difficult for enterprises to retain employees.


Employees'desks should not be placed on the wall as far as possible. The wall will have the meaning of suppressing employees. It is difficult for employees to display their skills and advantages. The desk should not be close to the back of the wall without wind, and a cool feeling behind the wall. It seems very comfortable. Especially in summer, people with some common sense know that such a seat is very unlucky. In addition to affecting people's health, it is easy to ignore colleagues in a small corner of the wall. If you are a cheerful friend, it is easy to cause conflicts with colleagues.  There are no pillars, roads and doors on the front and side of the desk. The pillars and roads belong to the rush. The rush of roads will affect people's career luck. The pillars seem to be the head of a stick. Imagine that every day the employees are the head of a stick. Can the work mood be high? Usual work is not only stressful, but also likely to have headaches; desk is too close to the door, which means that the air outside the door will rush in and wash away people's good mood. Over time, people sitting at the door will be in low mood and inefficient.

Desks can't be placed near asymmetrical aisles or corners of walls. These places are not conducive to the relationship between the owner and colleagues of the desk. They can teach people how to quarrel and conflict easily. If you want to increase your financial fortune, first of all, your desk can't be in a place where people often walk around, and behind your desk, you can't have a big window. The big window means that there is no one to rely on behind, there is no hillside. If there are windows, you can hang curtains or embroidered screens on the window to block the formation of hillside.

No sharp objects can be placed on the desk, which means that sharp fingers are bitter. It will lead to the inconvenience of the desk owners and others. It is easy to have quarrels with colleagues. The tense and antagonistic interpersonal relationship will have a negative impact on the work. You can put flowers and plants like sunflowers and lilies on your desk. These plants can help you get along well with your colleagues and get along well with them, so that your work can be carried out easily.

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