The decoration geomantic omen of office hangings

Date: 2018-12-18
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Whether it is a senior executive or office staff, whether it is a group president or a manager of a large company, the office's hanging pictures geomancy is of vital importance. Hanging calligraphy and painting in the office in a reasonable position can not only improve the decoration level but also increase the cultural atmosphere, but also bring enough atmosphere for their promotion and business negotiations. However, which side of the office painting hanging geomantic omen is good? How to put it correctly? In fact, the problem is very simple. Let's take a look at it together.

The decoration of office hangings is a treasure book of geomantic omen.

I think the first thing to consider when hanging calligraphy and painting in any place is the location of the hanging pictures. Yes, the office hanging calligraphy and painting is to attract enough attention, so it should be hung in the broad main wall, tea table, sofa, desk and so on. Decorative paintings should not be hung in the corners and shadows of the room.

In fact, in the choice of hanging position of office calligraphy and painting, decorative painting is the most common choice of people through the orientation of office and desk. Geomantic office in different directions, in fact, need to hang landscape painting is actually different. Let's take a look at it.

I. Where are the office paintings hanging--the East

The right Oriental position of the office is related to the health of the occupants.  Placing lush plants in this area can promote the health and longevity of family members. Water-related objects or landscape paintings are also helpful because water can support trees.

[Analysis] Zhongshan Water Painting in the Office is very popular. When a fresh and elegant landscape painting reveals the master's elegant connotation, it also gives people a positive hint. However, it should be noted that landscape paintings should choose beautiful mountains and waters, more mountains and less water, or remote mountains, broad horizons, in which there is a slow flow of water. Such landscape paintings, as if the master stood on his back, depending on the stable mountains, have made considerable progress.

2. Where do office paintings hang--the West

The office's positive and Western relations, future generations, five elements of gold, favorite color is white, gold and silver. It is recommended that you choose the golden Great Wall landscape painting, beautiful atmosphere, hanging at home to highlight taste!

[Analysis] From geomantic omen, the Great Wall is like a giant dragon in China, with its long veins stretching for thousands of miles. It is like a giant dragon soaring, with profound implications. People are sitting in front of their seats. The Great Wall painting is on their shoulders, and the winding Great Wall is like the back of a chair. This is the theory of image hills in geomantic omen. Geomantic omechanism implies that there are mountains to depend on, and the atmosphere can be harboured, which can increase the help of noble people, leaders and elders. 。

3. Where do the office paintings hang--just South

Generally speaking, the south of the office is the representative of fame and fortune in Wuxing Fengshui, which will bring reputation and affirmation to the cause, especially those responsible for livelihood. Generally, the position in the south is more suitable for hanging some red calligraphy and painting works. Take Jiang Wei's Hongyun Landscape Painting as an example.

[Analysis] There are pictures of mountains, rivers and red sun: the whole painting is extremely ingenious in mountain composition, which implies that 'Hongyun comes first'; the waterfall implies that the source of wealth is rolling; the pool implies that 'treasure basin'; the whole painting is full of Hongyun comes first, and the wealth is like a vast waterfall. Head pillow mountain, foot step Chuan generations of high-ranking officials, left-handed gold and right-handed silver house hidden treasure trough. Hongyun Dangdang's calligraphy and painting by Jiang Wei is not only an appreciative landscape painting, but also a geomantic omen painting with good implication.

Fourth, which side of office paintings hang--the North

In the north, it is the position of Kan Hexagram, more powerful than water, and it is black. It can post celebrity calligraphy and paintings related to water. Celebrity paintings related to water, such as Songquan Falls, Qianli Jiangling, have a long history: rich mountains and precious waters, long distant waters, etc.

[Analysis] Landscape painting emerged as part of the overall home decoration design. It is a practical method to capture the essence of geomantic omen theory and transform it into a matchable interior decoration. From the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, furniture, home decoration Feng Shui layout, to the improvement of career, health, love and family fortune, everyone must achieve, but everyone can use Feng Shui painting to improve the quality of life and fortune at home.

In a word, hanging pictures are a part of Chinese traditional culture. Fresh and beautiful hanging pictures can delight people's mood. The choice of hanging pictures in the office is often meticulous. Good Feng Shui hangings show the company's taste and grade, create a cultural atmosphere, and have a good spiritual outlook when meeting and discussing matters with customers. Therefore, in the choice of office painting and hanging position, we still have to worry about it! _____

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