Office window Feng Shui

Date: 2019-03-01
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The office window feng shui will also affect people's career in life. It will have a certain impact on people's office location, the location of employees, office furnishings and so on. Take office windows as an example. The orientation of windows will not only affect the company's fortune, but also affect the career of employees. Next, we introduce the office window Feng Shui knowledge.

1. Office windows should not rush to the road, because there are more vehicles rushing to and from the road, which will bring bad luck to the office, and will produce frustration, which is very harmful to staff and career development. So the window of the office is facing, so you can see the surroundings first.

2. Office windows can't be right for hospitals, slaughterhouses, prisons and other places, because these places will produce fierce, adverse to the health and development of employees, and even affect the mental state of employees.


3. Office windows can not be directly on poles and other things, which will cause accidents, such a slender and tall building, like a sword, killing air through the windows will enter, the impact is very bad.

4. If you want to develop your career, you can't sit facing the window, because the back-to-the-window represents the emptiness of the mountain, which indicates that you lack the help of noble people in your destiny. In addition, back to the window also makes people feel insecure, and the window will often have cold wind blowing in, causing people to have headaches and other symptoms.

5. To keep a wide view outside the window, it is best to see green mountains and waters outside the window. Only in this way can we make our career develop smoothly, especially for the elite in the market, it is essential to maintain a good vision.

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