Construction details of ground base

Date: 2019-02-27
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The key point of flooring is the exquisite laying technology. Only after perfecting the construction of the ground base and reasonable laying technology can the decoration effect of the ground be perfect. Let's look at the details of the construction and laying of the floor base.

Construction details of ground base and floor laying skills.

Four Key Points of Floor Laying

1. Guarantee Floor Laying: The Floor Paving should be Firm


The floor mat is the barrier between the floor and the ground. It mainly plays the role of moisture-proof and balance in the floor laying. There are many kinds of floor mats, such as aluminium film mat, special plastic mat, paper mat, etc. We need to choose the type of floor mat according to our actual situation. When laying the mattress, we should pay attention to that the mattress must be laid flat, not empty drum; and between the mattress and the ground must be firmly pasted, do not only stick glue around the mattress, which will seriously affect the anti-moisture function of the ground.

2. Floor paving method: It is very important to choose paving method.

There are many methods of floor paving, which are mainly divided into keel paving method, direct pasting method and suspension paving method. Solid wood composite flooring mainly adopts suspension pavement. The form of suspension pavement is 369 paving method and one-half paving method. The paving method of 369 is stepped gap structure, which usually saves material and consumes about 3% of material. The loss of one-half paving method is the largest, which is about 5% higher, but the ground of this kind of paving is neat and symmetrical, and the visual effect is better. What kind of paving method to use depends on the actual length of the room at home.

3. Skillful Floor Laying Techniques: Laying and Sizing Skills

There are also skills in the sizing process. The sizing method used here is that the sizing at both ends is vertical to the floor, while the sizing at the middle is inclined. The distance between the two sizes is about 500 px. This method can better prevent the floor deformation after paving. In addition to the way of sizing, the thickness of sizing is also exquisite, which generally depends on the surface smoothness.

4. Floor paving is not perfect: Paving attention to leaving seams

When the floor is installed, the contraction joints should be reserved, except for about 25px between the floor and the wall. The gap between floors should also be reserved, generally not more than 1 mm, when laying a high density floor, each piece should be left with a gap of 0.4 mm, in order to prevent future arch deformation.

2. New Floor Paving Method

1. Base viscose paving method

Modify the cement mortar leveling which is commonly used in China, use fast-drying self-leveling batch scraping to dispose of the air base, ensure the smoothness while fast drying. Usually the climate in Beijing only needs one hour to paste the floor. After polishing by a multi-function polishing and grinding machine, soft elastic moisture-proof base glue and wood floor glue are applied on the base layer. This solvent-free base glue does not contain volatiles. It is very suitable for the characteristics of wood floor thermal expansion and contraction. It allows the wood floor to undergo certain deformation, thus eliminating the damage caused by the deformation of the geothermal heating floor.

The pasted floor is made of unpainted plain boards and polished by a dust-free floor grinder. The color of the floor seam is completely different from that of the floor. Polishing makes the floor more lubricated and delicate. There are hundreds of colours to choose for primer and topcoat on site. The environmental floor paint using water as solvent is non-toxic and tasteless. It adheres to the nature and essence of wood floor to the greatest extent. The stable bottom viscose method makes the floor paving base very stable, and can innovate the floor surface according to the needs of foreign families. It is very convenient to use home polishers and matching coatings. It is easy to paint on the surface of plain boards without moving. Quick-drying coatings can be brushed three times a day. When improperly touched with paint or painting tools, they can be washed and cleaned with water.

2. Dust-free flooring

At present, in the after-sales installation of domestic first-line brand flooring, the dust-free floor paving method has been comprehensively introduced, but the dust collection method by dust-free cutting equipment is not widely used in the whole industry.

A dust-free cutting saw with small size, light weight and convenient worker's carrying is adopted, and a vacuum motor is used to separate the cutting tool from the dust. The motor is equipped with a clip-on dust collecting bin. When workers cut, they only need to lay the dust collecting bag in the dust collecting bin. The motor equipment will directly pump the dust into the box. The dry dust removal method is adopted, and the dust can be cleared in less than one minute. The environmental protection is very good.

This kind of cutting equipment has higher cutting accuracy, and also reduces the data waste and dust generated during the cutting process. At the same time, the workers clean the dust easily, cut the floor 40-50, and clean the dust in the dust collection bag. Finally, the unified collection and disposal can effectively eradicate the secondary pollution. Paving workers from the beginning of the door until the final exit, all processes and venues are completely dust-free, noise pollution is much smaller than before.

Construction details of ground base and floor laying skills.

3. Intelligent Lock Paving Method


Using the floor with intelligent locking, DIY fans can operate easily themselves. The biggest difference between DIY fans and ordinary locking floor lies in the intelligent pop-up tongue locking. The lock tongue is made of polymer aggregated material. Its shape is micro-arc structure. The material and arc structure make the lock tongue have good elasticity.

Consumers only need to place the lock with the smart lock tongue in the air, and the spliced floor is close to the floor from the upper edge and press down. The smart lock tongue slides into the lock slot through contact, and is pressed into the air by the spliced floor smoothly. The lock of the two floors coincides perfectly to ensure that the direction of the floor is not loose. At the same time, when applied above the external force acting on the floor splicing, the floor splicing is very stable and does not warp.

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