Construction of Wall Base

Date: 2019-02-27
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As we all know, concealed works are the most important in decoration. Once there are slips, it is particularly troublesome to repair them later. Here are six points for attention in the basement of the wall in concealed works.

You should pay attention to these six points in the construction of wall base.

1. Lap marks of base plastering

Uneven lap marks of substrates will affect the aesthetics of decoration. Before construction, it is necessary to use a grinder to grind flat.

2. Notices for Slotting

When remoulding and adding water pipe and electric wire, we should not throw it horizontally when slotting on the wall, because the damage of the wall caused by the horizontally throwing is great, and it can only throw it vertically, and the length of the horizontally throwing can not exceed 3-5 cm. If the groove is deep enough, it is easy to touch the steel bar in the wall and saw the steel bar. If the groove is shallow, it will bulge easily in the future.

3. Wall nail head


Before applying the paint, iron nails should be cut and knocked down, and then the nail head should be treated with anti-rust paint.

4. Material inspection

First of all, we should pay attention to whether the foreman has the behavior of stealing beams and replacing pillars, or hand in hand with the materials provided by the company, and then fill up the empty space with other purchased materials. Once problems arise, after-sales maintenance will be involved. In addition, materials are classified and placed to avoid pollution. Regular decoration companies generally place the schedule and supporting tools in a striking position, and the decoration site is relatively clean. Decoration materials should be classified and placed separately, and materials that are easily polluted by each other should be placed separately.

5. Crack prevention inspection


Wall engineering often runs through the whole process of decoration and construction. If there is wood or shape of wall, it will enter in the early stage of construction. And if it's just paint, it will start in the middle and later stages. But for the wall construction, paint painting often goes through many processes, such as scraping putty, polishing, painting, primer, etc. If not strictly in accordance with the construction specifications, if the painting is not in place, or if the next process is not done until the previous process is dry, it is easy to appear wall cracks, cracks and other phenomena.

You should pay attention to these six points in the construction of wall base.

6. Check the phenomenon of empty drum and crack in the base material

The hollow wall drum will seriously affect the adhesion of coatings and so on. Usually, visual inspection, knocking, sculpture of hardware, hand-wiping and other methods are used to check. When the phenomenon of empty drum is found, it must be eradicated thoroughly. The matching putty should be used to repair and flatten or the cement mortar with the same proportion as the wall mortar should be used to repair and fill the wall by the same construction method, so as to ensure that the coating absorbs consistently and has no marks.

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