Waterway Reconstruction

Date: 2019-02-27
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Waterway renovation is a very critical basic project in house renovation, and it is often hidden in the wall, so the owners of various misunderstandings in waterway renovation have to understand, so as to avoid the loss of time and money caused by these misunderstandings.

No. 1 Mistake: Do not do water closure test before decoration


Don't think that water closure test is not important. Whether new or old houses, water closure test must be carried out before waterway renovation. Therefore, before construction, decoration workers should conduct water closure tests for toilets to check how the previous waterproofing treatment was done. If water leakage is found, the property can be solved. If there is no experiment, the property will not be liable for any problems in the future.

The Second Mistake: Pipeline Connection Is Not Vertical

When laying waterways, pipelines and joints are not vertical, and there is no right-angle docking, which is basically caused by jerry-building and non-standard construction by construction teams. Owners should also supervise the construction process. In order to save material, some owners bend the water pipe directly, which makes the thickness of the two walls of the water pipe different and the water pressure unbalanced, causing damage to the water pipe. Therefore, when laying a waterway, the water pipes must be connected by joints. Generally, the elbows are 90 degrees. After the connection, the angle between the two water pipes is 90 degrees.

The third big mistake: the color of hot and cold water pipes is indiscriminate

Many people don't pay much attention to the choice of pipes. When choosing pipes, they often encounter red and blue markings. For convenience, consumers often choose only one color of water pipe. It is difficult to find the corresponding water pipe when the water pipe is repaired.

For the selection of water pipes, first of all, the color of water pipes should be clearly defined. All hot water pipes are red and cold water pipes are blue. Clear color selection of water pipes is convenient for construction inspection and maintenance. If it is difficult to distinguish the color, it is necessary to pay attention to the installation direction of the cold and hot water pipes (for example, the cold water pipes are left and the hot water pipes are right).

Fourth Misconception: All water pipes can be connected to hot water

Nowadays, many water pipes sold on the market are both hot and cold. Therefore, many consumers have a misunderstanding that all water pipes are cold and hot. In fact, this is not the case. Generally used PPR pipe, PE pipe and copper pipe are both cold and hot, but U-PVC pipe can not be used to connect hot water, so this kind of pipe is commonly used with sewer. Therefore, the selection of water pipes should pay attention to the material of water pipes, not all materials can be connected with hot water.

The Fifth Misconception: Waterway Underground

Nowadays, the waterway is usually buried in the ceiling, but there are still many owners who want to walk the waterway underground, thinking that such a route can save some, but this is actually a very dangerous measure. If you walk on the roof of your house, the water will leak, because the water is dripping down, you can immediately find where the leak is. Now kitchens and bathrooms generally use aluminium fastener ceiling, which can be repaired immediately after being dismantled. It is very simple. Even if the water leaks, it will not leak to the downstairs neighbor's home, so as to avoid affecting the neighborhood relationship.

Sixth Misconception: Ignoring the Origin Inlet Location

Many owners often make such mistakes when decorating, blindly decorating, forgetting to retain the original position of the water inlet and outlet, resulting in the location of the water inlet and outlet after the transformation is covered, or the pipe outlet is not long enough. Therefore, before the construction, it is necessary to reserve some positions of the water inlet and outlet, especially the second-hand house decoration, in order to change in the future. For example, the cold and hot water outlet of the vegetable washing pool, the inlet and outlet of the gas water heater, the cold and hot water of the shower, the electric water heater or the solar energy heat, etc.

The Seventh Misconception: Old and Frequently Changing Contacts

When installing water pipeline, it may appear that the pipeline is not long enough, and several pipelines need to be connected by installing direct or hoop in the middle. Sometimes a pipeline of this kind of joint has problems and needs to be replaced. Many owners will think that the other side should be replaced together. This is actually a misunderstanding. For buried pipelines, try not to have contacts, more than one contact will be more than one leakage problem, if the other side of the direct leakage, try not to replace, so as not to replace the original leakage of the joint, but there is a risk of penetration.

The so-called 'the three armies did not move, grain and grass first'. The process of decoration is the same. The preparation work before decoration is just like the grain and grass in advance, making full preparations for the follow-up construction. Preparing before construction is an important place to prevent the mistakes of waterway renovation. Therefore, before construction, we must first understand the most common misunderstandings of waterway renovation in house decoration, and some matters needing attention in decoration, so as not to leave hidden dangers for the future.

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